The company SMALGER commenced work in the field of construction in 2001. The main area is the construction of water supply, wastewater, gas and heat supply pipelines on a closed method – microtunnelling.


Microtunnelling complexes are the cutting-edge approach in technical progress, one of the promising methods in tunnelling underground utility lines in the conditions of dense urban building, at junctions of railway lines, highways, rivers, lakes, in any geological conditions.


The advantages of microtunnelling are the tunnelling of utility line collectors without opening the surface, which allows maintaining the normal urban infrastructure and cutting down the use of a heavy earthworks machinery complex.


SMALGER possesses licences ЕЕН002827, EEJ002215 and EEO002144 for the construction works of external water supply and wastewater networks.


At the sites of the underground construction of engineering utility lines, microtunnelling complexes, such as AVN from the company Herrenknecht GmbH (Germany), are used.


The employees of the company SMALGER have obtained necessary training in the company Herrenknecht GmbH (Germany) and have the work experience of a microtunnelling complex since 1997.


Since 2007 the company SMALGER performs construction on the microtunnelling method in the cities of Riga, Liepaja (Latvia), Vilnius, Trakai (Lithuania). See section our construction sites.